Thursday, May 12, 2005

You are what you are

When I read a certain bloggers entry that part of his family might not be too keen on his blogging entries I felt anger.

It doesn't matter. In today's globalised world the 'elders' need to wake up and smell the fact that people are free to do what they damn well feel like, including blogging. My parents has never opposed to me blogging.

I doubt they are interested in what I have to say (politics, entertainment, tech, media etc. - I hardly blog about my personal life, but I do blog about my personal thoughts, sometimes thoughts which could get me in trouble with the higher echelons who runs my life) but I did set up bookmarks on my family's home PC and on my dad's notebook so he can visit my blog should he want to.

The conservatism of many elders worry me. Obviously there aren't as bad as some of the Anglo Asian families out here who forces their own child to marry someone of their (parents) choosing (and then killing them if they don't), but still. Besides we know that some elders (especially the aunties) are hardly saints anyway.

Mr.x in a reply to someone else mentioned that his family rather he keep a low profile and have as few friends as possible. What the...! Keeping a low profile? Not letting your opinion be known to the world. And what is this about making less friends? In my entire life I always wish I have more friends than I currently have. I do not want to live life as a recluse and I certainty do not want other people to be socially backward.

So to Mr.x, keep your blog open. We were taught when we were young that we should always respect the elders. It would be a sad day if a blog like yours is being password protected just because of some whining relatives. I have read some blog entries that have the authors trying to keep mum about their identity. You can't even get a name out of them except by going through some kind of domain registration search.

Why are many Malaysians so afraid to reveal that they blog? Even to friends? Why force yourself to be someone you are not?

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