Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Music Review: Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

The last Nine Inch Nails album The Fragile in my opinion was one of Trent Reznor's best work in combining techno fusion with the metal genre. Things Falling Apart was okay, but it doesn't count as a proper album.

If anyone expects Trent to hark back to the old days of Pretty Hate Machine, a powerful industrial rock album, then you will be disappointed. With Teeth continues where The Fragile left of. You would not know that there was a period of more than five years between the two album.

After a slight false start on the opening track All the Love in the World, a very melodic subtle almost ambient. You can hardly find a trace of any hard stuff in it. Almost like listening to slow Fatboy Slim stuff.

From there on, the sound begins to reminisce The Fragile, more anger as the album progress. More bass loop and evil factory synth. The guitar churning industrial rock sound of the past is hardly evident. Piano and other usage of beats are the order of the day.

The production of the album is awesome, but probably would not be able to touch his other (IMO) landmark collaboration - Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar, which I truly enjoyed during my time as a mindless teenage kid.

I would love to write a longer review but I can't find the time. I only have been listening to the album for less than a day but initial impression is that I am enjoying it more than The Fragile. Of course nothing would be able to top Pretty Hate Machine; a landmark album in its own right, or Antichrist Superstar.


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