Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsey returned to the telly yesterday in his quest to fix the nation's kitchen problems. In last night's Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare (9pm, Channel 4), Ramsey attempted to sort out the La Lanterna Italian restaurant in Letchworth.

The kitchen is run by Alex Scott 'executive chef', a self confessed Italain chef. The only problem was he knows "fuck all". And was cocky as hell (his car has the registration A16HEF).

The Polish helper has has an attitude problem and the front room is managed by Alex's girlfriend and his best mate, the likeable Gavin.

To top it all, they were in the red. And none of their ingredients are actually Italian ("as authentic as a fucking Chinese take-away").

Anybody who has seen the first series will know how the Ramsey is like when confronted with third world class kitchens.

So why the hell didn't Alex and his crew at the very least cleaned up the kitchen? And hide that damn instant noodles?

The funniest scene were the scene when Ramsey took the maitre d' and gave him a lesson in abusive showmanship of machoism.

Then there was that scene where Ramsey conducted a blind test on which noodled is to be served with the grilled swordfish. They did takes on linguine with blue cheese and spaghetti with herbs. Surprise surprise, the chef actually preferred the curry flavour of Pot Noodles. Laughable!

Btw, the Champions' League Final will be shown on ITV1 from 7pm. Avoid that with Holidays in the Danger Zone where Simon Reeves travels to the breakaway state of South Ossetia in Georgia full of Russian 'peacekeepers'. On at 7.30pm on BBC Two.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show follows that on 8pm includes reporting by Wesley Kerr from Malaysia.

Two architecture related documentaries later on in the evening. On 10.40pm Alan Yentob concludes the series on skycrapers and charts the rise of tall towers in Asia. Catch that on Imagine...a Short History of Tall Buildings on BBC One.

11.40pm on BBC Four, Stalin's Skycraper traces Stalin's obsession with American architectureand the subsequent construction of seven towers by German prisoners.

Update: I decided to merge my Sky News post into this post. Save some bloody space on my blog.

Sky News reconstruction on Michael Jackson case

I accidentally tuned in to Sky News and caught their coverage on the Michael Jackson case.

The court reconstruction was pretty pathetic and would prove suitable for poor souls thinking of committing suicide. The acting was so terrible I think thousands of my brain cells died in that two minutes trying to process the 'episode'.

If people still think that Sky/Fox News is a place for serious news or as an alternative to BBC News 24 they should have their head re-examined.


Kat said...

I saw it yesterday. Just as entertaining as the first series.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I was wondering where I would find this info.