Saturday, May 7, 2005

Mother's day?

If there is one thing I hate of being a Malaysian living in Britain is I am supposed to celebrate 'Mother's Day' twice.

It is confusing damn it!

Malaysians typically follow the US commercialised version of Mother's Day which is on the second Sunday of May - tomorrow, whereas the Brits celebrate
Mothering Sunday (which has also been commercialised), a day of Motherhood celebration which takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

In my opinion such celebrations are useless. By showering your mother with gifts and flowers, one is supposed to love his/her mother? All bollocks. If one love their mother so much, one would celebrate his or her mother every time they can and not just on a specific day.

Which is why I would continue loving my mum not only on 'Mother's Day' but anytime I feel like it. Obviously there are times when I felt anger with my mum - who doesn't? I might dislike her attitude sometimes (not now) but I still love her.

Same arguement about Valentine's Day where me and my girlfriend have a tacit agreement
not to celebrate Valentine's Day because it's all false love. There are other ways to signify a love for someone and it does not have to involve material and certaintly does not have to be on Feb 14th.


Anisah said...

We never celebrated Mother's Day or Father's Day when I was growing up because my parents thought they were over-commerciallised concepts to get consumers to spend more money; money that we didn't have at that time.

I thought you might like to check out a blog on fathers by a friend who lives in Norwich at

Kat said...

Same with my family as well. We never celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Rob and I don't really celebrate V-day since my birthday is 2 days before. We always end up staying in with a good movie and some booze. V-day is too hyped up anyway.

Halian said...

Of course, every single celebration is fully commercialised like the Valentine's Day, Father's Day and even some people's birthday, to increase sales of flowers, chocolates, cards and stuff, but as long as the celebrated ones are happy, we can still celebrate it without even spending a penny on that so-called special day. To me, loving them daily is one thing and celebrating them is another.

Din said...

Hi there. It seems we have the exact same thinking.

Jon said...

Anisah, well we never celebrate those even when we were young. We were quite comfortable but I guess that western mentality hasn't yet reached us.

Kat, hehe...probably one reason why me and Jennifer doesn't celebrate 'Valentine's Day' is because our anniversary is the day before. I find it quite ironic that we became partners was probably due to the pressure of Valentine's Day. Not that it matters now.

Halian, true true, there is a difference between celebrating them. But I guess we can all choose when we decide to celebrate. It doesn't have to be today. It can be anytime.

Fahruddin, your blog more or less echos my sentiment. Cheers.