Thursday, May 19, 2005

Film Review: Star Wars Episode III

Well I just watched Star Wars Episode III. Since everyone is blogging their thoughts of the film, I might as well add mine.

I was planning on watching this alone because I couldn't get someone to join but luckily I met Simon, an old friend who was planning to catch the film. So film buddy settled.

The theater was 75% full. I reckon about 95% are males. Not many nerds today (they are probably in central London now in Stormtrooper atires) but I was surprised to see a couple of ladies there. Obviously because of Ewan McGregor.

The cumpulsary Orange Wednesday ad kicked in signaling the beginning of a 10 minute commercial plug-in. We had a couple of new trailers all of which are of big budget summer blockbusters.

Batman Begins has a completely revamped trailer filled with actions. Tom Cruise's War of the Words as well. And this wac the first time I saw footages from Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Looks to be a cracker of a film!

As expected Star Wars III began with the usual space battle sequence. Industrial Light & Magic obviously wanted to show off their CGI skills. And I was wholly dissapointed. The CGI was too 'perfect'. Everything is too shiny. Where is the dirt? Bring back miniatures!

On with acting. Any reputable actor who wishes to be told how to act badly should sign up for whatever George Lucas comes up next (my money is on a Star Wars spin-off). I tell you, the acting was terrible. So was the cheesy script. Ewan McGregor, a great actor actually, was wooden. And pay attention to Samuel L. Jackson's acting when he was confronting the Emperor.

I can understand where Lucas was coming when he said this was a Titanic of a movie. It would be a tearjerker. Er... The final love sequence between Darth and Padme is so laughable pathetic. Just like Titanic!

And what's up with Yoda? Speaks like that I know he is supposed. Annoyed why aren't the Jedis? If Yoda was my master switch to dark side I would. Kick his arse Kenobi should! English he must learn.

What did I enjoy? To tell you the truth I was busy wondering how Lucas managed to turn his Star Wars universe backwards. In Episode One things were modern. Vehicles were efficient. By Episode Three it seems everyone has gone retro. Aerodynamics is out. 70s is in. Boxy is in.

Before anyone writes in, I know! I know it was a streamlining process to match Episode Four's deco.

The perfect moment was in first half where I was actually nudging Skywalker to the dark side. Seriously Hayden Christensen is by far the best actor in the film, well compared to the crap the rest gave.

Still before I sign off I have to say I enjoyed the film. It was entertainment and it delivered. While I was dissapointed with the amount of sequences crammed into it, I thought it was a reasonable signing off to the film franchise.



kennysia said...

Its very difficult to take Samuel Jackson especially after you've watched him in Pulp Fiction as Jules quoting Ezekiel.

I was hoping Mace Windu would do a "And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee!!!!!!" before slaying Palpatine. Heh. I wish.

Jon Choo said...

Samuel L Jackson was woefuly pathetic. I wanted to strike him down. Yes come to think about it, it was as though he was goind to administer his Pulp Fiction rites.