Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday night

Jennifer and I were out in West End and had a couple of drinks with some mates. Being out on a Saturday night we were obviously (quite) wasted (not me, I am quite okay with alcohols) but somehow managed to stagger home on the bus. Plus this is the first time we gone partying in Soho in a long time.

While on the number 13 to NW8, probably because of a headache and also being completely knackared, I had a sudden urge to receive a head massage.

Sitting on the back of the bus with the engine presumably behind me, I noticed that the bus vibrates like hell every time it was stationary during when passengers disembark or aboard. Being a complete nutter I leaned my head against the window which promptly gave the half-wit brain of mine a thorough orgasm of a massage. Wonderful! Soon we were all doing it. It was funny and we all looked like a bunch of twats.

When we got on another to NW9, a weirder sight occurred in front of us. Two ladies boarded and were chatting. Suddenly one of them started waving, doing it as an example to her friend of 'bad' etiqutte. Another waved. And again.

I shouldn't have eavesdropped but I couldn't help it. It seems that they were at an etiqutte class which taught them among other things how to wave! Fascinating.

Anyway this will be the last time I be taking the bus to/from central especially at night. We had to wait for our bus for 1/2 hour in almost January like chilliness. Plus I miss the tannoy announcements of disgruntled tube drivers picking on clueless tourists ("Oi, mind the doors!").

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mei xian said...

u cant drink for nuts....u hardly drink when u're here in m'sia also...

Jon said...

No I don't, not in Malaysia (because it is boring). But I do drink socially here. Because it is fun.