Friday, May 27, 2005

Kate Moss 2012 bid, M25 meltdown, accused to stealing

Ever since London joined Paris, New York, Moscow and New York in the race to host the 2012 Olympic Games the capital has been swamped with adverts urging Londoners to back the bid. Because of all the shenanigan my support went firmly to Paris.

Besides I wasn't as hopeful as Red Ken that London's transport system could cope with the hundreds of thousands extra tourists. The Crossrail line even after decades of planning hasn't even begun digging yet. And Sebastian Cole was an idiot for his attempt to bribe offer monetary and non-monetary 'incentives' to fellow Olympic members if London gets it.

Until of course I saw today's Evening Standard. Well I don't normally buy the Standard (I did not, I search for the image online instead) because of its link with the Daily Mail unless there are some important news/freebies. Anyway there was this piece on Kate Moss's support for the bid. A photograph taken by the famous Mario Testino of her in 'running stilettos' bending over the sprinting blocks was also on page three.

Kate Moss Olympic Bid

I went into a state of stupor as usual when I saw Kate. Nothing like Kate Moss to penetrate my stubborn mind. When I calmed down I noticed an image created by Sir Paul Smith in support of the bid in the form of a bid logo with the motif "Happy to have the Olympics here... Paul Smith".

So the coolest babe and the coolest man in Britain both supports the London bid. Yes London 2012 would be cool. This reason alone is why I am switching my allegiance from Paris 2012 to London 2012.

Au revoir Paris!


I was on the M25 today and the hot weather is really claiming loads of victims today. I think there were about an average of ten vehicles which broke down for every mile I journeyed. Most seems to be engine failure. Pity those fellas.

Still at temperature of 27C it was still alright. Without a fan sleeping will be a horrific experience this summer (which seems to equal 2003's record).


I was returning a pair of jeans to a high street store today.

Me: Hello, I would like to return this.
Chick: Huh? You stole it and now want to return it?
Me: Me? Steal? This is the receipt (wave at face)...


Kat said...

Lol. I guess the 'Kate Moss' campaign is working. :P

Seriously though, did the salesgal actually say that to you?

Jon Choo said...

Yes it did really happen. And not for the first time. I returned a CD to HMV many years ago and got the same assumption.