Monday, May 23, 2005

Gorillaz, not all it's cracked up to be

I just listened to Gorillza's Demon Days. Not sure what to make of it yet. I will try to listen to it properly tonight but so far impressed I am not. This whole business of 'trip-hop' thing isn't getting through to me.

Many people I know knows that I hate hip hop and rap (apart from fusion rap thrash metal inspired by the funny Anthrax's I'm the Man) so why the heck am I listening to this album? Funky beats, hip hop beats, drum n' bass - my brain can't process them all. Maybe I was trying to broaden musical experience.

Not many goodies released this week although someone recommended Audioslave's Out of Exile. I am not into Rage Against The Machine so I will pass unless someone can lend me. Maybe I can hold out long enough till June 13 when Foo Fighter's anti Bush 2CD album
In Your Honour is released. Heard it's pretty damn good.

I am getting so bored with my playlist I am considering subscribing to Napster To Go. Anybody here renting music from Napster?


Anonymous said...

well, i'd like to say that Audioslave don't sound very Rage Against The Machine-y, although that was what i was afraid of when i got their album.

Jon Choo said...

Serious? Well I will see if I can get a sample somewhere. Cheers.

Noodl3zz said...

~ yay mate... u're in London? u gotta love the music in europe dude... britrock, indie, new wave, post punk, electronica.. THE BRITISH INVASION are now all over the world.. u gotta love 'em... dont u like any of them bands there? Doves, Embrace, Feeder, Placebo, stereophonics, Franz Ferdinand.. juz to name a few.. n yeah I cant wait for foo fighter new album as well.. its gonna be like 1 cd where all the fast songs (lotza electric guitar n stuffs) are and then another one contains a rather slow somewwhat acoustic experiment of the band.. sorth the wait dude. definitely.. :D

Oasis, Coldplay and Whitestripes new album coming out at the end of this month.. go check 'em out..

Jon Choo said...

Unfortunately I am not into Oasis, Feeder, Stereophonics or Coldplay. No offence. :)

Suggest you try out British Sea Power.

Noodl3zz said...

~ hey that album AWESOME too.... (Open Season)... I'm seriously addicted to "How will I ever Find My Way Home" ~