Thursday, May 19, 2005


Added a couple of pictures on Flickr. I was just being a tourist on my own city during the weekend. Sometimes you live in a place for so long you don't even realise that there are things worth seeing. I was planning on a trip to Greece when I haven't even been to Tate Modern or Kew Garden. The only time I get to become a tourist in London is when I show friends around.

Top Shop, Oxford Circus


Prawn noodle

Nasi Lemak

Booboo Chacha

Shaftesbury Avenue

Shaftesbury Avenue

London Eye

Chicken rice

Spicy chicken with rice

Full English Breakfast

Piccadilly Circus @ Night

Vegas dancers

As you can see (if you bother) I didn't do much sight seeing. Rather shop and eat!


MooPig said...

I know what you mean, Jon.

I've been in North wales for almost 3 years yet I've never visited the famous Caernafon castle. We just take things for granted sometimes :)

Kat said...

lol.. you know what, that plate of nasi lemak looks awfully familiar. Is it from the Malaysian restaurant in an alley in Chinatown?

Jon Choo said...

Eileen, how know come to think about it. I haven't set foot in most of the museums here in London even though I have stayed here for close to five years. It is mad! The last London show I been to is the Chicago musical last year although I am planning on watching Billy Elliot.

Kat, that Nasi Lemak is from Kopi Tiam, Wardour Street which is nearby the other restaurant you were thinking about (CNR).