Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Malaysian London Bloggers gathering

Lady V has proposed two dates - 15 October or 22 October, both of which I am happy with (hei, I am flexible). But right now it's 22 October. I doubt anyone would be working Saturdays, but if you have a problem, do let us know. We will see what we can do.

Now venue. A London meet-up is a no brainer but I do not want to act like a fascist here, so do please give a couple of suggestions. It is unfortunate that the meet-up would be in October (a cold, wet, windy month...brr...), because an outdoor picnic in Hyde Park or Hampstead Heath would have been lovely.

There was a popular Malaysian cafe (called Kopi Tiam) in Soho which would have been great venue for a meet-up, but last I checked (Friday) it was still the same mini instant noodle supermarket it turned into two months ago. I wonder what happened to it?

I am rather stumped for ideas right now. And I call myself a Londoner! I really really have no idea where we could meet. Food court? Pub? Cafe?

Assuming that the meet-up would be in London, accomodation might be a problem to some. Wake Up! London is a hip and modern backpacker hostel nearby Paddington Station and the surrouding area of Bayswater. If budget is an issue there is always Malaysian Hall, but if my Malay language still serves me well, you have to be locked report in by 11pm every night!!! A silly thing to do on a Saturday night but there you go.

BTW, here is a tip if you have a PDA/notebook with WiFi and need to download e-mails. There is a BT kiosk with free Interweb access just outside the large Borders on Oxford Street. The most comfortable place to obtain a signal is of course the first floor or second floor (Starbucks) of Borders, by the window bays, overlooking the street. Connection is dodgy but it does work (albeit slowly) the last time I was there.

That's it I think. Just need to settle the time and venue. Anyone interested in meeting up just say so in the comments (or e-mail us) below. Bring your mates/bf/gf/pet along too.

Howsy (will be in Germany!)
Jon & Jenni
Kat (not 15 Oct)

Venue(s): requirement: good reasonably priced food, not posh, near pub, ideally in Central London
Date: Saturday, 22 October
Time: ???

Update: Anyone wants my mobile number just e-mail me. I texted Patrick, Lady V and Kuzco yesterday evening. Just to let you know that it was me and not some psycho.

If planning for a place to eat isn't enough, I also have to sort out my coming birthday, December's trip to Paris and New Year's.


Anisah said...

Suggestion of venue: Lemon Grass, 53 (or is 55?) Camberwell Road, London SE5. Malay/Chinese food between £3.50 to £5.80 (special). Their nasi ayam is great. Soup slightly oily, but ayam good.

Merits: (1) Cheap, accessible, one short bus ride from Waterloo or the Elephant tube station. (2) not too busy in the evenings as most customers are office workiers, so we could chat without them giving us the "would you gobble up and leave" look.

Demerits: Non-alcoholic drinks only onsite, might be a problem for some (I don't know?). Only one pub nearby, but looks like a very "locals only" one.

Any other suggestions?

howsy said...

Er...I mistyped...would only available on the 15th and 29th weekend..22nd still in Germany. And btw, why London? I'm sure there are many more interesting places in the UK, like the Knightsbridge of the North, if you know what I mean. And nice effort of organising this gathering btw.

elb said...

I should be free either weekend, unless my help to move my stuff to London (unconfirmed as yet) turns out to represent an inconvinience. Please SMS/ call me or something when something more concrete comes up (just in case, you know my situation..) , it'd be so much better! :p

Another possible venue would be Holiday Villa @ Bayswater, or the CnR somewhere along Paddington (not the SoHo one, that's too crowded)

elb said...

of course, that's if you fancy Msian. But there's so much more to try out!

elb said...

and also, I think you need to fix my link...

Jon said...

Howsy, too bad. Well this won't be the only meeting planned I am sure.

Anisah, same Lemon Grass as the one in Oriental City?

Patrick, I was thinking the same. Doesn't really have to be a Malaysian cuisine. For all I care a simple gathering in Wong Kei would have been fine, that is if the owner doesn't chase us out after a mere 30 minutes.

Okay seriously. Food first then pub second?

Jon said...

Eih? Oh shit. My bad!

Nicholas said...

People, use Instant Messenger like MSN! or Yahoo Messenger. So much easier to co-ordinate.

Jon said...

Well seeing that I do not use MSN or Yahoo...

Kat said...

Don't really mind where and when as long as there's good food and company. Gawd, I'm cheesy. :P

Jon said...

Last night I had lunch in Tootsies (American style burger restaurant) with a friend of mine (fourth time there). Wonderful place for burgers. Seriously.

I do not have a menu with me but will try to get one during the weekend when in Brighton.

Anisah said...

Hello everyone, I'm alright with any venue, so long as they won't boot us out after 30 minutes. So, Wong Kei is out. CnR Soho is out too.

Jon, not the Lemon Grass in Oriental City. Many people, Orientals and non-Orientals alike have told me the food there is not nice. This one, same owner, different chef. The chef here stirs up good stuff.

15th or 29th Oct are both fine with me.

Nicholas said...

Jon : Skype ? GoogleTalk?

Jay said...

Dun tempt me like this lah, you know I cannot...

Jon said...

Jay, come la come la! We can erase your face out one.

Anisah, Lemon Grass in Oriental City isn't that great. 22 not available?

Kuzco, I use Skype but not right now because of dodgy web access. My room has the worst possible WiFi signal. Feel free to chat with the others.

elb said...

how about booking a couple of tables at Gordon Ramsey's @ Claridge or Bibendum or Chez Bruce or something? :P don't look at me to cover your costs, though!

Nicholas said...

sien la...keep coming back to see updates :s

heheh, people, add me on messenger :


or yahoo messenger

as above, but @yahoo[]com

Nicholas said...

Update: Anyone wants my mobile number just e-mail me. I texted Patrick, Lady V and Kuzco yesterday evening. Just to let you know that it was me and not some psycho.

dude i thought it was some weirdo LOL..ok now i geddit.

elb said...

kuc: added you.

anyway, on a more serious note, I would suggest Rendezvous @ Leicester Square as a start for whatever we plan to do that day. plenty of ice cream and cakes there!

Jon said...

No idea which one is that (I hardly go to Leicester Sq) but no problem. If it is a cake bar then so much the better. ;)

BTW, I use MSN Messenger/Skype on my PDA. jonchoo on hotmail for MSN or londonblogger for Skype.

Anisah said...

Hello everyone,
22nd October (daylight) sounds no good to me now. Hey, you all go ahead. I anticipate myself to be fasting during the day.

Personally I don't have a problem with people eating in front of me whilst I observe the fast. I can even cook whilst fasting! But, I'd like to eat at an eating place, :) (I've told Kuc on the Ramadhan thing on yahoo msg).

Anisah said...

Any chance it's a buka puasa dinner, anyone? Of course the mula makan part only applies to people fasting. Everybody else could still eat without having fasted. :)

Jon said...

Count me in!

elb said...

could you please put up a new post Jon, just to remind everyone? Its either going to be at Rendezvous or buka puasa sort of stuff. depends on who's coming, i suppose?

Lady V said...

hey lets all fast together on that day and buka puasa together? that way for once we experience what its like la, and more fun to anticipate buka puasa together as well... =)

just a suggestion.

Jon said...

Okay I do not mind buka puasa. Anisah I will e-mail you later ah.