Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Seven whatever

There, I did it. After being tagged by Chewxy it is about time I joined in the fun. Don't read too much into it though, nothing here is serious.

Seven things you plan to do before you die :

1. Become immortal. (so I won't die silly)
2. Visit the 'axis of evils'.
3. Get my eyes done.
4. Sky diving.
5. Visit Cuba.
6. reserved
7. Complete Tube Challenge.

Seven things I could do :

1. Exercise.
2. Learn another language.
3. Be less cynical.
4. Less time on the Interweb.
5. Learn 'proper' photography.
6. Save money.
7. Sleep less.

Seven Celebrity crushes :

1. Kate Moss
2. Izabella Scorupco (whatever happened to her?)
3. Jo Joyner
4. Eva Green
5. Aishwarya Rai
6. Franka Potente
7. Vivien Leigh (too bad she's dead)

Seven often repeated words :

1. Fuck
2. Tube
3. Jesus!
4. Christ!
5. What?
6. Sorry?
7. Eh?

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :
(This is stupid, I will change it to just "traits")

1. Ideology
2. Attitude
3. Height
4. Facial
5. Nice arse
6. Rudeness
7. Fun

My Seven Tags go to :

1. Jenni (Tag: Seven)
2. Annie-Mole (I've been tagged again! - also see her LU blog for more "Seven" replies)
3. Kat
4. Jay
5. Cypher (Seven Meme)
6. Joo Lian
7. Tony Blair


wonderful-electric.co.uk said...

You didn't see Izabella in Reign of Fire? It was on BBC1 the other night...

Cypher said...

Wow, I didn't realised I got tagged by you! :) What is a tag anyway?

Jon Choo said...

Reign of Fire? Well watched that couple of years ago. Major dissapointment.

Cypher, to be tagged means you should attempt. It's a stupid blogging thing.

Unknown said...

OK Jon

Done at my non tube blog here


Will update with my follow on tagees tomorrow

Jon Choo said...

Nice one. See you at your b-day bash later today.