Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Freedom of speech

Just a little of my two pence on the latest Malaysian 'blogosphere' controversial regarding a seditious comment left by a visitor on a 'prominent' Malaysian blog.

Firstly, I do not agree with the whole thing. While the comment is probably racist in nature (I did not read it) I always thought the simple delete button would be sufficient enough.

Then there is the idea of lodging a police report in order to catch someone for having an opinion no matter how awful the opinion is, is itself pretty bad and in my personal opinion is a suppression of free speech. Police state? Too fucking right.

And like someone else already said (somewhere), the only winner here is the commentator him/herself. All this ho-hum is just giving him/her more publicity than what he/she deserves. What they managed to achieve is simply over-reaction and glorification of the supposed seditious comment.

As the web matures, it seems that sooner rather than later we would need an online playground equivalent to Speakers Corner where commentators are allowed total freedom of speech - protected by a charter similar to Speakers Corner. Isn't that what we are battling for in Malaysia? Isn't the whole concept of the Interweb supposed to be about free speech? Take back the web? You mean giving it away?

It seems however that those in favour of free speech seems only content with allowing free speech to those opinions which they agreed.

Like China.


desiderata said...

hear, hear!

Maybe some of these police-reporters just want some publicity, just like that bugger-ggod man.

I don't know why sometimes we lash the police for NOT doing their job, and suddenly you think they would want to spend time (or even have the Xpertise) to hunt down some nincompoop nebulous figure.

Well, back to my own blog, and maybe really behave like a GOoD man!:)

Just visiting to touch base with Msians in London! GreAtings to all -- regards to HOWSY when you meet him, can!

Jon said...

The whole issue has died down fortunatedly. And Howsy will be in Germany.