Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina update by Tami

We had an update by Tami on Sunday, describing the awful situation faced by her New Orleans police department:

"Thousands dead, unable to rescue many people.

80% of police officers lost homes. Two police officers committed suicide. One office being a friend who organized my media ads for the charity. I don't have time to grieve because of the work that needs to be done. My responsibility to my officers and city of New Orleans is paramount.

The eastern part of the city is so much underwater it will take 80 days to remove all of the water according to T.V."
And Monday:

"I am now in the Emergency Operations Center for the NOPD. This is the Command Center for the New Orleans Police Department. Everything pretty much goes thru here. I am doing fine. This is a life changing experience for sure. I slept in a garage on the concrete for a while and now I have a cot. The city is so eerie looking with all the destruction. The water is still high in most parts and I can't even imagine what it will look like when it is all drained.

The heat is still in the 90's and the smell is something that you want to forget. People are still be rescued from their homes and many have died but they believe that the toll may not be as high. Thank God for that at least. I feel so bad for those who have missing family members because I was in their shoes just a sort time ago."
Tube Relief party
Tami and Statto (Tube Relief party)

It is a relief that despite what happened, Tami is still keen on humour. Her form of resillience is an example that many of us should learn. We all love you Tami!

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Anonymous said...

wassup, jsut visitin'. found an awesome article on katrina and malaysia's response here:


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the victims will be okay soon... *sigh*

Jon Choo said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting read but it's all bollocks.

Unknown said...

Agreed with Tami's resillience she's brilliant