Sunday, July 31, 2005

TV: BBC Top Gear, How To Start Your Own Country & The New Al-Qaida

Recently there has been an uproar by Proton apologists when BBC Top Gear mocked the new Savvy (read here - it's quite amusing). Some has even started a whole vendetta movement on those 'white people' because nothing has ever been said good about Proton.

And today's Top Gear (8pm BST) had a news piece on Proton Gen.2 (who the hell picks up these silly names?) regarding the free "dual controls" and £1 deposit (a rip-off from Kia). Jezza seems to like it. Prices from £8800 is pretty darn good, just £3000 above the hideously ugly Savvy.

Now let's wait for two weeks for that video clip to be made available (I won't make it public) and then for those pesky Proton apologists to start seizing the moment as a victory for Proton on the European market.

Moving on...

How To Start Your Own Country starts on BBC Two from Wednesday 10pm. My king, the Yesman and the founder of the Join Me cult, Danny Wallace will be invading Eel Pie Island via a footbridge in this episode. Straight after the programme you can press the red button (on digital TV) to view a ten minute state broadcast. Yes amazingly the BBC has agreed to loan him ten minutes a night.

The New Al-Qaida report by Peter Taylor on how the Madrid bombs revealed the changes in al-Qaida's policy. My opinion aside (that there is no such thing as an al-Qaida's military organisation anymore - just terrorists operating out of the belief of al-Qaida's ideology), it will be broadcasted Monday at 9pm.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is it about these delusion-ed Malaysians?

Najib: We are better than Ghana!! We are a world class country!

Khir: We are a world class state! We are better than Finland!

Proton: We sell cars in the UK! We are world class! Even though they are expensive to produce, and still crap! We revolutionized the industry! That's why we name our new Wira replacement the "Generation 2", geddit! We even put a period in the name, we are that good!

Anonymous said...

Also, we Proton won't spend our time improving ourselves. We will instead bark and crow at criticisms!

Who the hell do you think we are? Kia? Whose chairman put up a banner "We will listen to customers", and vowed never to take it down until quality improved?

Of course not. We would rather bitch and moan about how others can't accept our shitty cars.

And betray all Malaysians who have supported Proton all this away, embarassing us, fleecing us, and now pissing us off.

Anonymous said...

You can download the video clip from here.

Jon said...

World class...Pfff... more like follow the crowd...oh well...

Anyway out of curiousity I 'Yahooed!' on the 'Khir better than Finland' quote you gave. What laughable stuff I stumbled upon! Selangor second only to Finland in education! Malaysia is doomed!

2nd Anon: Thanks for the link. See I am right! Proton apologists has already started using the clip.

Anonymous said...
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