Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Savvy spotted on Brit telly & idiot immigrant

Saw the Proton Savvy thingy on BBC2's Top Gear repeat last night. Hahaha...what an awful looking thing!


I was having dinner with Ms. XXX two days ago. She is from China. Or Hong Kong. Or Singapore. I can't remember (nor do I care). But she is an oriental Chinese. She also happens to be a British resident (and citizen). And she is racist. From our conversation, she comes out as a typical Daily Mail reader. You know - anti-immigrant, anti-refugees, anti-asylum seeker.

You heard that right.

She immigrated to this tiny island some twenty years ago and she is in agreement with right-wing anti-immigration policies cooked up by Michael Howard's Conservative party. (BTW, Michael Howard is the son of an illegal immigrant)

What is it with these people? They come to this country to make loads of money but they hate others for doing the same. She did. Michael Howard's pa did.

It makes me sick. I can't believe it.


Mind that NeoCounter. It will be there for about two weeks, then I will remove it. I can't be arsed to purchase the upgrade for Statcounter. I want a log bigger than 100 for visitors (not hits) and am not willing to part US$9 a month. I am not a so called 'pro-blogger' you know.

So NeoCounter stays for now.


Jay said...

Double standards -sigh-

Did you call her a racist bitch?

You should, you know. It's very satisfying.


Boo said...

yeah, savvy is a total crab! i bet by now u should know perodua has came out with MyVi which looks similar but much much much better than savvy.

Jon said...

sammie, looks better, but still looks crap.

Jay, I should have. But manners was forced to me (she is a friend of a friend) and I was forced to shrug it off.