Thursday, July 21, 2005

Incompetent terrorists

Okay guys, no casualties (according to TB). Carry on with your business, even Tony Blair would be carrying on with his usual schedule.

Cricket Live: England Vs Australia

That's it for me, I won't blog about this anymore. Two Thursdays is enough. Now I need to think how to get to Shepherd's Bush for my dinner thanks to those fucking incompetent cunts - not a single fatality you managed to inflict. Totally not impressed by your little stunts. All you did was destroyed my dinner plans and some Londoner's travel plans for this evening.

You can follow coverage here:
BBC Reporter's Log
Tube Diary

Update: Sorry for the amount of cussing (I removed some). I am still peeved but right now my anger has shifted to other people - namely those who has already started using this latest incident as an excuse for their further attacks on Muslims and Arabs.

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