Thursday, July 7, 2005

Do not cancel your trip to London

I do hope that today's incident will not put people off from coming to London. Life goes on, remember that. We cannot be too over-protective of ourselves.

Ever since I arrived in Britain, there was the huge Omagh bombing, the bomb at BBC TV at White City, a bomb at Hendon, a car blast at Ealing Broadway nearby where I lived and the bomb at Birmingham. And today. London has its share of frequent bomb blast and always bounce back up. Always.

Many many people who were considering studying, working or just plain visiting London would probably have doubts today and may be canceling their flights as we speak. Do not. Do not panic. This sort of shit can happen anywhere.

London is the greatest metropolitan city on this planet. I have visited many cities before but none has the cultural diversity that London has to offer. Londoners are strong, friendly, tolerant and can see behind smoke screens thrown up by bloody politicians. We have a great mayor in Ken Livingstone and we will be hosting the 2012 Olympics.

Hope to see you here. Soon.

Update: I was checking out some other London blogs and already we have an arsehole who is planning to burn down Finsbury Mosque in a revenge attack. That was from 'Roger'. Then there is 'Mike from NYC' who urged Londoners to hang muslims. There were a couple of other anti-muslim and anti-arab rants
, most which were done by anonymous cowards. What pussies. The great thing was the amount of replies by Londoners, other Brits and some Americans in condemning these right wing extremists who are hell bent on spreading hate and fear across London.

Update 2 (3.40pm BST): I am signing off now. I am going to the pub first. Then will be taking the bus (yes, I said the bus! Don't be paranoid!) to North London. Need to get some stuff done at my aunt's place.

Before I sign off, this is the emergency hotline number: +44 (
0) 870 1566 344


Kenny Sia said...

Stay Safe, Jon.

Jon said...

Cheers Kenny!

mei xian said...

aiya since u can talk bout the bomb means u're ok laa.. haha ehh ku poh ok anot?

Kafka on the Shore said...

well said jon. i got here through jay's blog. they have hit where fear can spread easily... i really hope that Londoners don't get paranoid...

Chewxy said...

ok. Good. You're alive then

Jon said...

Mei Xian, she is fine.

Chewxy, of course I am alive. I am no Jedi (yet) who can transmit thoughts from the grave.

Kafka, thanks. We won't. At least the majority of us won't.

c0y0t3 said...

I wish people still do believe in visiting Jakarta (apart from being famous for the bombs).

Richard said...
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Richard said...

I'm going to visit London in next month. And I really don't want to cancel my trip, because I dreamed about this journey, since I was kid!

I read a lot about London and I always dreamed to visit this amazing city. I also booked in hotel room and want to rent a Limousine London for few hours and to have an excursion around the city.

I want to visit all famous London's sightseeing, such as the Big Bang, London Eye, Westminster Abbey and others.

I agree with you that London is the greatest metropolitan city on this planet. And I have to visit it anyway.