Thursday, July 7, 2005

Police everywhere

Well I am at my aunts. She was actually on the tube to King's Cross but because she was late she missed the incident and got stuck at Wembley Park. She had no idea what happened until she got back and was told to switched the telly on by a concerned friend in Australia.

All of the tube stations I passed through are closed. It looks like most will remain closed at least until tomorrow morning. Then we will see...

Station closed

London is crawling with police. Here are a couple stationed at Ealing Broadway station.

London police

And here is another beater spot-checking our bus.

Police checking bus

This is the front page of London's Evening Standard:

Evening Standard London attack

And here is the text message London's TfL sent me earlier this afternoon:

London Tube text message


kyels said...

It's really sad to see all these bombings happening in every part of the world. And am saddened by the fact that London was bombed. These people are ruthless and they don't have a heart in them.. Killing all those innocent people.. Leaving their families in grief.. What's so nice about that.. Gawd, the world is definitely changing.. Mm.. Well, I hope everything will be fine soon.. :)

Gina said...

Wah lau yeh. They just announced that London got to host the Olympics this morning.. and this is what happened next. Sigh.

Hope you are alright.

mei xian said...

u mean if ku poh was in the tube, she would be hurt or something? omg... damn lucky!!!!!

Jon said...

Kyels, the terrorist didn't get what they wanted. They wanted this as a message to Tony Blair and they failed. By targeting ordinary working class Londoners I can't see how much these terrorist can achieve. You have to remember many Londoners did not agree with the war on Iraq.

Gina, Fine here. Thanks.

Mei Xian, late by 10-15 minutes. The Met Line which she was on takes about 15 minutes to reach King's Cross.