Sunday, July 17, 2005

It is just a book people!

So he is dead, big deal - it is a just a book people, get a grip! It is not as if no one saw it coming. The rumour has been out that he/she would be killed. Plus we know that there are worst things than death in the Harry Potter world. I am sure he will feature in book seven (as a memory) as so don't worry.

Harry Potter's new love interest is a little disappointing and so is Ron's. You could have seen in coming since book two so I was surprised that the author followed such a predictable path. Oh well, it is a book I have to remind myself that and so do you!

Normal blog resumes today. The telly is still full of talking heads on the London bombing. There is a nice new theory that the bombers were tricked. Does that make if any less worst? No of course not! Suicide bombing or IRA style bombing, they intended to kill innocent people. And they are Muslims. Reading the prints over the last week where the Muslim community has attempted to distance the bombers from the faith as unislamic is really pretty pathetic.

These people were Muslims but they also happened to be murderers just like the dead and new popes are Catholics and are both fundamentalists (who has called Harry Potter anti-Christian) and that Tony Blair is an 50% Anglican 50% Catholic who ordered an illegal war which killed at least 20,000 Iraqis.

I just spoke to my parents and me mum informed me that the Malaysian government has issued a travel alert to London due to the possibility of another bombing soon. Really? We haven't heard of any such alerts from our authorities here. I wonder how the Malaysian government could release such rumours. Which is why I am urging Londoners:

not to visit Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya administration centre in Malaysia due to risk of being exposed to the idiots who run that country.


T-Boy said...

…but I live in KL.

Jon Choo said...

OK lah people, visit KL...but don't visit Putrajaya.

The bridge is not worth the hassle.

T-Boy said...

… but I have friends who work in Putrajaya.

Jon Choo said...

Then your friends deserves loneliness...

T-Boy said...


Jon Choo said...

Update on Harry Potter:

I always suspect he wasn't really killed. I knew J.K. was pulling a string but sometimes her narrowness in the previous books made me question those. The "Please" part was pretty obvious and many has picked that up.

But my theory on why he is alive is different from that website (with an eleborate scheme involving switching bodies with Snape and infiltrating Voldie's ranks). But if he was just pretending to be dead just for the sake of it then that is something else because it created unnecessary panic. A little bit irresponsible of him isn't it?

But J.K. isn't that great of an author to hoodwink us so I believe he is dead.