Sunday, July 24, 2005


I normally do not put up conversations, but these two are pretty interesting (from my perspective). The first is with an old uni mate I met at the pub and the second is with a Malaysian student.

Conversation 1:

Me: So what do you think about the shooting?

O: Stupid stupid stupid! I am in the TA and you can see that the police fucked it up!

Me: You were in the territorial army!*

O: Of course I am. Sent to Iraq two years ago..

Me: Hmm...well you never told me. So what did the police do wrong? What happened?

O: Okay, from what we have here. They suspected that he was a suicide bomber. Now, if they really thought he was acting strange shouldn't they stop him from boarding the bus?

Me: I...I never thought about that.

O: Think about it? The media are bloody slow about this. Why didn't they take him down before be boarded the bus? Away from the crowd? You do not have to shoot to kill because he would not be able to kill loads of people even if he was a suicide bomber. And if he was really one, then bang away - I don't care. But this proves one thing. How fucking incompetent the police were that day. Five times. Poor guy. In the head. Probably getting high with his toy.

Me: True...true...

O: (points up) Kimi is out.

Me: (looks up) Oh. Don't watch Formula one. The test** is probably on the other channel. Can we ask the babe to change the channel?

* I doubt (but I could be wrong) they receive more training than SO13 Special Branch who, if speculations are true, were responsible for the killing.

** England got hammered by the Aussies.

Update: Straw spins it...

Conversation 2:

*deleted due to request* if you really want to know what it is about, it is a conversation between us regarding K.Lians's obsession with Ikea, Tesco and Starbucks.

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