Saturday, July 23, 2005

Film Review: Fantastic Four

Is it only me whom find this whole adaptation of a comic book (that isn't that great to begin with) tedious? It may be faithfully based on the book unlike some recent films, but isn't that the problem here? It is too much of a B-films. It has no name actors in it. Acting is as wooden as it could possibly be.

Jessica Alba might be in it, but she barely uhm...bared herself at all. Invisible Woman she may be, but still no match for Dark Angel.

Michael Chiklis (you might recognise him from TV's The Shield) was excellent as The Thing, and the make up department did a pretty darn good job covering him up with prosthetics. Rumours has it that it wasn't a CGI Thing like The Hulk, so extra kudos to the filmmakers. I hate CGI.

A couple of smart liners which are pretty much expected in these kinds of films anyway. Which were pretty pathetic. Plot was tiny. CGI when used were pissed poor. Dialogues were cheesy. I don't know what else to say. It is my second major disappointment in Hollywood summer flicks this year, the other being Batman Begins.

Brilliantly unfantastic.


Chewxy said...

It falls very short, if compared to the likes of, say, WoTW... or Star Wars.

Jon said...

Well...Star okay...dissapointed with Samuel L. Jackson tho....