Thursday, July 21, 2005

Malay House update

Follow up to my Malay House post.

This is how the Curry Mee (£5) looks like Looks yummy isn't it?

The portion is pretty large. Good dose of coconut milk. I won't ever get thin with this. Healthy portion of prawns, dried bean curd, eggs etc.

And this was what I had - a Penang Prawn Mee (£5). Tasty, not too authentic but still alright.

Ask for extra sambal to go with it, then it will be spicy! I haven't eaten spicy food in a really long time. Was burning when I had this with sambal.

But get the Curry Mee if possible.

This is the menu (below). The Wat Tan Ho (left, £5) and Soya Bean Curd Jelly (£2) is excellent. Make sure they add more syrup for the Soya Bean Curd Jelly dish. The Nasi Lemak (£5) doesn't look as great as London's Kopi Tiam or CNR. But will still try it one day.

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