Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince

Ah, I do not about you, but I have finished reading the sixth book of The Lord of the Rings lite. Yes, it may be a light edition for 'kids' but it was a satisfying read. I won't bore you with tidbits of informations (Spoiler link: read this if you really want to know which character was killed) - just get the book yourself - but I am still going to blog on.


We arrived at Borders 10pm. Jennifer wasn't too pleased I have to admit. The first hour was spent free reading politico magazines like Time and Newsweek and some games mags. It is always amazing how 'international' current affairs magazines attempts to put words in our mouth. No matter, I had a more pressing affair to see too today, politics will just have to take a back seat.


We joined the queue an hour before 12. We were the 50th on the queue. Right up front was a twenty something goth. And his goth partner. Harry Potter has now been claimed by adults. I believe less than 50% of those who queued last night were under 16s where as the other half were adults like us. We also had a pretend Magicians who entertaining us, not that I was entertained much - their brand of wizardry proved to be lesser than that of even a squib's.

Harry Potter

We bought two adult versions of the new book. At £9.99 it was snip, and we didn't have to wait for delivery. I know these are large corporations who often undercut smaller independent book stores, but what can we do - the traditional bookstore that we frequent do not sell Harry Potter. We paid up using a crisp twenty, then started making our two mile journey back. Pity those buggers at Waterstones. They had to queue from the outside (most were wearing depressing faces)! Unlike Borders who allowed us to queue inside.


An hour later we were back. Jennifer barred me from turning on the reading lights. Banished I was to the solitary confinement of the bathroom where I spent four hours reading 450 odd pages till about 5am when my body would not continue (yes, I am that sad). We may be the first to receive it at 12am BST, but the people from Malaysia are luckier. They got it at 7am, after a good night's sleep.

Now I am done. Two more years to go - I will be closer to thirty than to twenty.


Jay said...

Got mine today at Safeways - £7.95. Thank god for price wars!

Jon Choo said...

D'uh! Dammit!!!