Sunday, July 24, 2005

Dying harddrive

My primary harddrive, a three year old Maxtor, is doing some 'clicking' sounds. This only mean one thing. It is about to die a horrible death. Expected really. Three years of usage. I am surprised it lasted this long.

I can't be arsed to reformat my secondary harddrive - a Seagate - and clone it, too much hassle since it is full. I really do not have the time to burn 160Gb worth of shit to 40 DVD-Rs. The only way is to order a new drive.

So I logged into My first choice in anything computer hardware related because I like them. Their old warehouse was based nearby West Ealing (nearby the hospital but they are now in Slough) and they would allow me to go and collect. The help I received when I was building my current PC was superb really counted.

Actually I am quite surprised that prices of IDE harddrives has hardly fallen since last year. I got my Seagate 160 for about £90. £90 can only get you 250Gb. Bah. Pretty annoyed with that. I thought we would be able to get 300Gb drives by now. Merely two years ago my Toshiba 128Mb SD card retailed at £99, now you can get 1Gb cards for less than that.

So that's it - I ordered a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200Gb with 8Mb cache for £75 (including VAT & delivery). Delivery is next day (Tuesday). Gives me time to sort out my drive, get my clone software up and running and probably clean up my ATX case too. Stupid Antec Lanboy, sucks dirt like a Dyson. Never lose suction.

So come Tuesday I will have a total of 400Gb of harddrive space. Pretty pathetic really.

Btw, here is a great find: 512Mb RS-MMC card for £25 for your Nokia mobiles. Sure it is the Kingmax brand (pretty slow at creating files) but it beats getting them from dodgy Hong Kong/American dealers on eBay.


mwt said...

Wow! 75 UK Pounds (at current conversion rate = RM493) for a 200G Maxtor Hard disk in UK.

You can get it at RM385 at Computer War and Low Yat Plaza

Jon said...

Well this is UK. If you can send over better but then have to include delivery costs. Plus 75 quid is inclusive of VAT & next day delivery.

What to do...? UK like that. Rip-off country.