Saturday, July 30, 2005

French Gourmet Market, Ealing Green

Ealing Green has been playing host to a French gourmet market since yesterday. They will be here till tomorrow, and yes some of them were rude:

The Ealing summer jazz festival at Walpole Park will also end tomorrow:

The Ealing animal shelter for wildlife, after much protest from the locals, has recently reopened after it was closed down more than a year ago. No more rabbits though:

What I got from the bleeding French market - a Pain aux Fromages, a French dry sausage with Beaujolais wine and a 200g of soft Brie de Meaux cheese. The cheese is tasty. Mild in flavour, not salty and very creamy layered.

The sausage is excellent. At around £4 it isn't cheap for about 200g of dried meat but I am still going back to the market tomorrow and get me some more of the many other cured sausages.

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