Tuesday, April 5, 2005

UK General Election 2005

Tony Blair has announced the UK's general election to be held as expected May 5th.

Here is his full statement.

But a defection has marred the announcement.

Watching the news, Blairlooks to be in a really good mood considering New Labour's lead has fallen.

Guardian has a weblog up on Election 2005.

Vote, but do not postal vote.
More on that here.

Swing by Peter Snow's Swingometer.

Andrew Marr's analysis on the current election.

Finally head to BackingBlair for information on how to gain a Labour government without Tony Blair.


xar said...
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Jon said...

Hai, thanks for coming by. Can't remember how I got into your blog. Was it through Petaling Street or maybe through another link, but your Left vs Right posting was interesting, so I had to post a reply.

I can't say I support any political party in Malaysia. I am going through a state of apathy regarding politics in Malaysia. I just do not think that any of the politicians in Malaysia - the government or the opposition - has any real passion in them. It looks more as if every single inept politician has no genuine feeling to help the residents of Malaysia.

It is pretty sad.