Wednesday, April 20, 2005

May 16 nerd invasion on West End

For the first and last time, anywhere in the world, Lucasfilm have agreed to screen all six films back-to-back at Leicester Square's Empire cinema.
May 16 will be the first day of screening. 1000 Star War fans are expected to pay the 50 squid needed to watch the adventure over a gruilling course of three days. Yes, three days of nerd invasion on our favourite West End hangout.

In other news, more nerds are expected in London later today for the screening of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Source: Yahoo! UK News


Chewxy said...

That's NOT FAIR! Being a SW fan and Hitchiker fan does not make you a nerd :D

Ok.. I admit.. I'm stuck to the computer, watching SW and reading the books (hitchikers guide)

oh well :D

Can't wait.. for SW!!!

Jon said... sound like a nerd!

ok...seriously...I myself am a fan of Star Wars and Hitchikers...although I would not be taking a marathon 3 day Star Wars session...that would be so nerdy...!

Kat said...

lol.. I'm a fan of both as well, but 3 days of SW is certainly taking nerdiness to the brim. :P
Ever done the 12-hour LOTR marathon yet? *grin*

Jon said...

LotR in 12 hours? I rather diethank god for DVDs...I can just skip through all those cheesy Arwen moments...!