Monday, April 11, 2005

Belle de Jour

Remember Belle de Jour? The blogger of the original Diary of a London Call Girl? Well her blog are so popular that media lecturers around the country are reportedly using her online diary as part of media courses into new media and journalism. The blog, read by many in Britain, eventually was named winner of 2003 The Guardian's best written blog award.

Part of the success of the blog was due to the lack of identity and the myth surrounding Bella de Jour. Attempts has been made by the UK media (esp. The Times) to out the author. They went so far and even implicated other jounalists and authors. Fortunately Belle de Jour's identity did not leak and the myth was secured. Was she really a student forced to turn into escorts? Or was she actually a creation of someone else?

Jane Perrone of The Guardian wrote on her newsblog entry citing a clues that actually points to novelist Stewart Home. Anyway read the excellent article and if you haven't read Bella de Jour's journal on her life as a London prostitute, then please do so.


xar said...

Oh yeah, I first found out bout her just not too long ago, from a revew of her new novel from the local papers. Checked her out, and yeah, her blog is a good read. Mind you, me thinks part of her appeal was some of her more 'racy' entries concerning her job... ;P Pity her latest entries are getting kinda boring now eh? ;)

Anyway, she does come across as an intelligent, articulate and funny young woman. Funny how she ended up as a prostitute. Plus she's even gone to uni before. Odd huh? So you're saying there's been some theories that she might not be a real person? Interesting...

Jon said...

There will always be a theory on who is writing behind a pseudonym. Ah, I remember those online fake sex games I used to play on mIRC channels in 1995. I really should re-create a proper pseudonym.

Anyway her latest entries are all dud, she has 'retired' due to the success of the book.