Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A new beginning?

I have to admit that I am not much an active person. Ever since coming to Britain seven eight years ago, I have put on weight, lost my stamina and generally becoming a weaker person. Sorry no proof, but one day I will post you a picture of me in the mid 1990s so you can do a comparison.

Part of it is because I am only into light fun sports like badminton and basketball. But there are hardly any basketball courts here and badminton courts are almost nil (the free ones). You can't play badminton outdoors because the wind will fly it to Katmandu. Nowadays in order to stay slightly healthy I just power walk (about 3-6km a day) or get off the bus one or two stop earlier.

Anyway I am twenty something now. I should be fit or so says my partner. So today I decided to do a little bit of jogging. My first jog in two years! The venue was at the nearby Gunnersbury Park. From my home to the park and around the park and back again would be roughly 5-6km.

In preperation of the jog, I drank about three quarters of a pint of water. Didn't want to do a Paula Radcliffe hence why the lack of large quantities of liquid.

And what a fucking failure. I was so out of breath half way through the park I decided to call quits and power walk the rest of the journey. The air is so thin I was struggling to catch my breath and I had no access to water.

There is good reason on why I failed. The were no birds today. Most of them were flocking at the other nearby parks (Walpole Park and Lamar Park). Having none of them here today gives me no encouragement to jog.

But today is the first. I hope to do so again tomorrow and this time with a friend. Summer is coming and with it comes festivals and sun burning on the beaches. So it is only fair that I should buff myself up after a total neglect over the past 1 1/2 years.


reallybites said...

mm im assuming ur studying in uk? which uni?

Jon Choo said...

Working somewhere (secret, I don't blog about work) and studying part time on a stupid course (again secret, I don't blog about that too).

Sorry! ;)

Anonymous said...

Lucky you, in London.. always the dreary weather... better than the bright sun in Malaysia here :D

At least you can walk there and not sweat. Here, you walk from one bus stop to the other, and you can collect my sweat in buckets :D

Jon Choo said...

Which is why I love London...the weather is 'perfect' where I don't need to depend on any sort of automobile just to get a loaf of bread.

Kat said...

I need to haul my ass to the gym as well. Summer is coming and my legs are begging to come out of hibernation. Not without some buffing up to do first. :)

Jon Choo said...

Remind yourself to post a pix of yourself on your blog once the buffing up is complete. ;)

Anonymous said...

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