Monday, April 11, 2005


Follow up to my Glastonbury post, the organizers has posted who the headline acts would be.

Get this - Coldplay and Kylie among others. My Gawd! These are musical acts you go see for 2 hours a night with your girlfriend. I mean I love to watch Kylie not because of the darn music but because she is sexy. But headlining Glasto??? Must be those fuckin' Pop Idol fans. And Coldplay? Kasabian? Why couldn't they get The Libertines?

They do have some good acts though, the Killers being one. And I would love to see White Stripes. However I don't think it would be worth paying so much money to see so many mainstream acts in the line-up. I am glad now that I was stuck in a plane unable to purchase any tickets.

Source: BBC News

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