Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Nike stunt? Songs for Dubya...

Nike has just published a full list of their factories in an attempt for 'transparency'. Is this a PR stunt or a genuine attempt by Nike to improve working conditions?

Source: Guardian newsblog

Here is a list of songs that The Guardian thinks Dubya should fill his iPod with.

My suggestion: Metallica - Kill 'Em All

On a more serious note:

New Labour manifesto

Tories manifesto

Tory poster generator:

Tory election poster

Source: Chicken Yoghurt


xar said...

I'm guessing that the Tories are campaigning on immigration this time round huh? Pretty insensitive and not veyr multiculturalism huh? I mean, Australia still hasn't drawn out the immigration card yet. Oh, actually they have. But not one of the major parties. One Nation Party did that in the 1998 GE, gained a rash of seats in Queensland state. Pretty scary actually. Thank god they crashed and burned in the subsequent GEs. In fact, Australia's now increasing their immigration intake to solve their skills shortage crisis :)

Anonymous said...

the libdem manifesto is also up

Jon said...

Hm...I wouldn't say the Tories are as bad as the One Nation Party (that's the job of the BNP), but they are pretty much playing the whole immigration thing wide open.

xar said...

About this immigration issue, I actually don't really blame them you know. I mean, look at it from their perspective. Or pretend the setting is in Malaysia. How many PRs and citizenships does Malaysia actually give out each year? And here we have UK and Australia giving it away by the hundreds of thousands each year. Immigration does have a profound impact on the demographics of the Britons/Australians. New immigrants bring with them an assortment of foreign (and sometimes incompatible) cultures and values into these traditionally Anglo-Saxon Protestant nations, not to mention taking away jobs and resources from them. So yeah, I don't judge them for deciding what's good for their nations.

Jon said...

London is a mixture of every sort of cultures out there, certaintly makes London a more cultural place than even KL.

I don't know what the statistics are for Malaysian foreign residents, but I am sure there are loads of unofficial (illegal) residents there as well.

Problem is our country has a stupid human rights record in relations to these (mainly Indonesian) illegal migrants. And I think most Malaysians do not even care about them, even those legal migrants (eg. maids).

Personally, I have no problem with people moving into Malaysia seeking asylum or economic migrant. Most Malaysians are too snobbish to do all the dirty jobs anyway.

But that's just my opinion...