Sunday, April 10, 2005

Blogging the underground

Found this website via greenfairydotcom, check it out. It is a little low on content but what a great project.

Anyway, inspired by
tubegossip, I attempted to eavesdrop today on the Piccadilly Line and Jubilee Line.

What did I get?

'Je t'aime, Mickel'

'...Jonash totally fucked it up this time, looked what he did to it mon?'
'He looks fit' from a babe, sadly not talking about me.
'I am stuffed. No lunch for me!'

'Oi! Watch out for the bloody door will ya!'
'I think this is it, wait, is this it? Yes this is it. Come on fellas'

'Ugh...who left this here...'
'I think the first one was better'
'Manchester United got bollocked by Norwich. Too bad I also hate Chelsea'
'Did you watch the wedding on the telly?'

An utter failure! If there is anyone who is incapable of being a spy, it would be me. Better leave it to the professionals at tubegossip.

While still on the subject of the underground, check out ISawYouToday and Tube Diaries.

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