Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sweet Jesus

Thanks to Tim for e-mailing me this link.

After Terry, we have this...

Pharmacists' Rights at Front Of New Debate

More here: Pharmacists 'denying birth control'

Even IMAX cinemas are not spared from these religious onslaught.

Hope it doesn't spread...


5xmom.com said...

Actually, in my personal opinion, these issues are intentionally blown out of proportion because of the Pope's death. The whole world (ok lah, large section of it) is hoping to get someone who will approve abortion, pre-marital sex, birth-control, divorces etc. These are forbidden in Catholicsm. These have been stated in the Bible and so far, the Pope will not bend the rules to suit the world because God's teachings is for the world to follow and not the other way round.

xar said...

Umm jon choo, noticed that ure blog is a blogspot one. I was just wondering how you managed to get it to work with project petaling street. I tried registering for it bout 4x now, but it always only show my one latest post, and then...... nothing. No more updates on PPS when I post a new entry in my blog. Why's that?

Jon Choo said...

5xmom, the problem is the rights of non-catholics are being abused here. We do not want other people to force their religious and moral values onto us.

xar, you need to use the PPS public pinger to ping it manually.

xar said...

sorri mate, but could you please elaborate on that a but more? I dun get it. How do you ping PPS manually? Do you mean its not automatic? Could you plz give me a simple step by step guide? Thanx dude.

Jon Choo said...

The PPS public pinger is on the About PPS box on the top right below the registration. You will need to submit your permalink there.



not http://jonchoo.blogspot.com/

xar said...

Icic, but I can't do that with my blog! It's just one long list of entries. Plus is PPS automatic? Or do you have to do it for every new postings?

Jon Choo said...

You have to do one for each link. I am not sure if they have an auto ping software. I did not know about PPS until a month ago hence didn't follow the development.

Your blog's permalink are the date/time stamps on the bottom of each entry.

eg. your 'sardine' article: