Friday, April 22, 2005

Blogging politicians and their wives

I am not much of a Tory fan, but at least Michael Howard's wife - Sandra writes her own blog. She might be old but she has that certain 'charm' that seems to contradict evil Dracula. Maybe she should take over the party.

I know Cherie Blair is a liability but so is Tony. So why is she being hidden?

Anyway here is Tony Blair's blog which I still doubt it is being written by Tony himself despite the first person narrative.

Charles Kennedy's battle bus blog.

John Prescott's battle bus blog.

Source: BBC News


Kat said...

I've never been a big fan of Michael Howard myself, but his wife is lovely! Some men are just plain lucky. :)

Chewxy said...

I never knew a Prime Minister had so much time, even to do his own video diary...

Jon said...

Well he uses a ghost writer me believes. Still this is what I love about British politics. No matter how out of touch these people are, they still attempt to communicate with the voters. Can't say that about our Malaysian MPs.