Monday, April 11, 2005

Cannabis Granny to contest in Election

Wow, these single issue independents are really starting to liven up this year's general election. Now we have a self confessed Cannabis fan granny who is planning to stand against Peter Hain in his Neath constituency in Wales.

"In a 24-hour period I take a level teaspoon of powdered cannabis, cut it with a knife and put a fifth into every meal or drink I have, like hot chocolate, and that keeps me free of pain for the next 24 hours.

"If I'm voted for, I'm going to promise people in this country I will fight for the rights of every man and woman to receive safe medication.

"It's going to be a hell of a long journey and I'll probably be dead before we win the argument."

Source: Guardian Eelction 2005 Blog


xar said...
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xar said...

Lol! Liked that grandma's attitude :) British politics sounds exciting. Generally I'll support the left parties, but Tony Blair did f**k up bad this time, so I dunno who I'll pick if I were in Britain. Maybe I would go for the Lib-Dem (they're left right?) like what you're thinking ;)

Regarding about politics in Malaysia being too tame, was just wondering whether you're aware of some of Malaysia's laws which isn't conducive towards political expressions?

Jon said...

Lib-Dem is center. Some of their policies are right, but they are mostly left. Policies that matter like the Iraq War is not necessary a left/right issue since we have people in the conservative party who were opposed to the war and vice versa.

I haven't decided who to vote yet, I will be keeping an eye on the local contenders first (our Labour MP having just retired).

I might be a little too ignorant about Malaysia politics to know about any law, (apart from the ISA and Printing Presses act)which is a good thing since I don't really give a shit what stupid law the parliament passes there. Nothing stops dissent. ;)