Friday, April 8, 2005

Dumbster plus how to blog safely

Today I logged into Friendster and found out that they have started a horoscope feature. Fact is, they labeled me as having a 'bad day'. Now I am pretty sure I am not having a bad day at all. In fact apart from the return of January weather, the sun has been out in force (compared to yesterday's hail showers) and I had a 45 minutes stroll in the local park. I also bought a book from WHSmith and an album (Feeder) from HMV while re-stocking my vitamins from Boots. And tonight I will be going out for dinner with some friends before heading to the cinema. What bad day!???!

By the way, looking at my pathetic small list of friends, all of them are experiencing either a 'so-so day' or a 'bad day'. You would have thought that since the weekend is almost here, Friendster's fortune tellers should be predicting more 'fantastic days' for us. I know many people who are looking forward to the weekend and are pretty excited by the wedding. Idiots.

Anyway via the BBC, here is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) guide on how to blog safely without getting fired. I disagree with them that one should be anonymous when posting a blog but to each his own. I know, I know, we live in an Orwellian World and Big Brother is always watching. I don't blog about my work so it has been okay for me for now.

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