Saturday, April 2, 2005

Glastonbury 2005, Pope, April Fool etc

Damn it, the tickets will be made available for booking 9am BST on Sunday during which time my bloody arse would be stuck on an airplane. At 125 pounds, it's going to be one expensive June weekend but it will be worth it considering that there would be a hiatus next year.

Ken raises congestion charge to 8 squid. Unpopular maybe, but good news for a no car guy like me who prefers the bus/tube.

End draws closer for Pope. Now, I am a man bound to no faith and disagree with many of the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope's ideologies, but he was one of those rare leaders who has been outspoken against war and corruption. And for that I salute him.

By the way, today's date happened to be April 2nd - so why are people still banging on about April Fool's day, busy patting themselves in the back in self-gratification while critically analysing yesterday's fake news?

The first BackingBlair truck will hit London this Tuesday. Here are more information regarding the time and place.

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