Tuesday, April 12, 2005

iPod street cred damaged

Now that Apple's vastly overrated iPod has a new user in the guise of a warmonger, has the toy lost some of its street cred? I know of at least one friend who has since binned his iPod due to the commercial proliferation of the white thingy by many sad sad people.

Btw, he is planning on getting this. Nice... if only it has Ogg support then I might even consider it.


Dzof said...

Well, don't blame the technology if dubious people use it. A gun in the hands of James Bond is pretty cool. A gun in the hands of G.W. Bush is, well... you get my drift.

BTW, the one thing I hate about Sony products is that they love their own proprietary standards over open standards. Apple also has its own standard, but at least it supports MP3 completely.

Also, I don't really see Sony's interface beating the clickwheel, so it's still the iPod for me! :)

Closet Groupie said...

street cred? I guess the Apple people damaged it themselves by promoting and advertising i-pods like hell...not sure about m'sia, but everywhere in aus there are i-pod ads, on billboards, tv-ads, newspapers...

funny, i just bought an i-pod.

Jon said...


Well kinda true...but a gun in anybody's hand is not cool.

Street cred of the iPod in the UK has been all but vanished ever since mainstream medias started writing about it (about a 1 1/2 year ago).

Or they are switching their white buds for black ones (funny I am using a white Sony MDR-E71SL fontopia but not with an iPod). Nobody would be seen dead with an iPod at least not when all those suit wearing, blackberry typing city workers are using it.

I think Apple's attack on free speech is also getting on people's nerve (new Microsoft?).

Also, Sony's harddrive based digital music player supports MP3 format since NW-HD3. Their other products (CD players, Clie PDAs, Sony Ericsson mobiles) all support MP3 for a long time.

Closet Groupie,

Malaysia hasn't really caught the iPod virus yet at least not that I know of... But I am in London and there are iPod ads everywhere. The latest shuffle ads being one prime example. Ugh...