Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sexy Traffic Wardens

Most Londoners hate traffic wardens. If they have it their way, the traffic wardens would be lined up and shot dead. Traffic wardens are indiscriminate in issuing parking tickets on vehicles with no valid parking tickets even on Chealse tractors. You see, middle class (and upper) love traffic wardens who clear shit (and hippy) cars from the road but would go mental if any of their gas churning SUVs get ticketed.

Before I continue, I would like to state that I am neutral on the issue of traffic warden. This is because I do not own (or care to own, at least in the near future) an automobile. I do not know what my reaction would be, but most likely will be as mad as some of the offenders/victims I have met.

I have seen many incidents where people who park in the local area were issued tickets in less than a minute. For some reason they, the traffic warden, have a sixth sense, an ability to see offenders arriving. Of course most of the 'victims' are not happy if placed in such dire situation. They can spend £100k on an automobile but would not want to pay the 100 squid in fine. Traffic wardens are only doing their jobs set out by the local council. But what they get everyday is abuse by people who knew they were breaking the law.

Over the past few months I have noticed that our council has started recruiting fine ladies as traffic wardens. Sexy wardens as I would usually dub them, they roam the streets here dishing out tickets to any parking violators. As you can see from this candid capture this warden has a body to die for. You would be glad to get a ticket from her wouldn't you? Sorry I could not get a capture of her face, but trust me she is a stunner.

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And she isn't the only one. I have seen many of them, some taller than me with Gisele like figures walking around. Most of them seem to be Eastern Europeans (we have a large Polish population here). Who says immigrants are bad? Stuff this, I am going to apply to be a London traffic warden tomorrow.

I wonder how would conservative Malaysia MPs (especially the oldies in PAS) react? I am sure the would be complaining in parliament about such sexy uniform creating distractions resulting in fatal traffic crash among the red blooded male population. Oh and rape too.


Vernon said...

Hmm... I think the Traffic Police will be very rich coz hotblooded males will deliberately break rules so that they can be summoned!

Chewxy said...

Le'ts not talk about those bloody sad cases MP in the parliament ok?

They are quite happy being retards already. Let's not spoil it for them.

BTW, Jon, you should have illegally parked, and they you could have a shot of her face

Sharizal said...

hmmm cuff me pls ms. traffic warden :D

dahvid said...

hi jon, blog-hopped here by accident :P

we should encourage malaysian policewomen to have similar would help them be agile in arresting evil-doers :P

Jon said...

Chewxy, no car how to illegal park?

Can't wait for summer. It was a pretty cold day when I took that pix.

Cypher said...

*wolf whistles!* nice butt ;P But I've seen a doco about traffic wardens and how the authorities are employing more young females because they tend to face lower abuse rates than others. One can see why.... ;P

Cypher said...

Btw, you do noe I'm the new xar rite? :P

Jon said...