Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Music Review: British Sea Power - Open Season & Garbage - Bleed Like Me

British Sea Power - Open Season review
Garbage - Bleed Like Me review

Just bought two CDs yesterday and had a full chance to listen to them today. Here is my short take on them.

British Sea Power - Open Season

An amazing second album by the Brighton quintet rock band. It is probably a little bit less agressive if compared to their debut 'The Decline of British Sea Power' but is still a hell of a ride mixing melodic beautiful guitar riffs with their 1980s influence. There are a couple of poppish mainstream radio friendly tracks such as Be Gone, but overall it is all great and even power medleys like Please Stand Up and North Hanging Rock are unforgetably good. My favourite track is actually the last one True Adventures. Forget girly bands like Coldplay. You need to get this now!


Garbage - Bleed Like Me

'Bleed Like Me' is the comeback album in the likes never before heard from Garbage. The first album in four years, this takes Garbage back to their early years with more guitar and less electro sound. The heavier side is damn well evident in the form of Dave Grohl's drumming. Scottish born angst babe Shirley Manson is a great front woman, her vocals just suit every track. Shockingly my favourite tracks are the 80s influenced happy tunes Run Baby Run and Right Between The Eyes. There are a couple of crap songs here and there but on average this is a fine album that should get played a few more times.



Elaine said...

thanks for the review on British Sea Power! my friend told me to check it out the other day and i kinda forgot! now that you've mentioned it again... i will!

Jon Choo said...

Get it! It is probably one of the best Brit rock album released this year.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the British sea power album and it is the best rock album I have listened in a long time.