Wednesday, April 27, 2005

E4 launching on Freeview in May

Channel 4 will be turning digital channel E4 into a non-subcription channel on the Freeview platform. Just in time for the numb reality TV show also known as Big Brother.

With five million UK households equipped with Freeview access either through DVB enabled televisions or those with old ITV Digital boxes, it only makes sense for Channel 4 to free its pay only channel for the masses. The extra audience number would surely increase its advertising revenue which would offset the revenues they were receiving from subscription.

I think this is great news. I have been DVB enabled for two years now and just can't wait for that extra channel. I can now tune in to E4 from next month catching old episodes of Peep Show and ER. For the youth market there are The OC and Smallville (blah). My girlfriend can now tune in to old episodes of Friends and Sex and the City (double blah!). E4 is not only a repeat channel like ITV2. It also broadcast new episodes (one week in advance of Channel 4) of new sitcoms like Desperate Housewives and Darren Brown: Trick of the Mind.

Source: MediaGuardian


Kat said...

Damnit. I have my Freeview but I can't receive Channel 4. This means no E4 for me either. *sobs*

Jon said...

Fuck, that must sucks. I myself can hardly get a proper reception of five even though I from London.