Friday, April 22, 2005

Searching for a new lifestyle digital compact

Been very busy today. First I did not jog because my body hurts all over. But I did enjoy the sun by burning myself lying in the park for 45 minutes.

I was also spending my time looking up for a new compact digital camera. 5mp should be sufficient. I am not a megapixel nut, so a cheap (sub £200) small digicam with good (3x) zoom lens, adequate macro shot, manual controls over shutter speed/aperture and SD card slot should do fine. I am planning on lugging it around during the summer festivals all over blighty and an expensive d-SLR would only hurt my back (and my wallet).

Besides I have an old 1980s 35mm Nikon SLR for those special moments where quality is important (eg. overdosed mate). Searching for new compact is not as easy as looking out informations on other technology related goods such as mobile phones. Teh interweb is just so cluttered. I found Steve's Digicams to be a great review site as is Digital Camera Resource Page, but actually looking through the hundreds of online stores in the UK and then comparing the prices (with delivery options) is a fucking headache!

So after a few hours I have managed to narrow down my target to
Pentax Optio 5mp range (S5i, S5n, SV, etc.) or the Casio EX-Z55. Both are under 200 squid and both are compact. The Optio WP has no zoom and costs more but is water proof. Ideal for my beach escapade. Right now I am inclined on purchasing the Optio X (£180) because of the swivel design which is great for those over the head shots at beach gigs. Nikon's Coolpix S1 is very very nice but also very very expensive.


Kat said...

Was gonna recommend the Nikon Coolpix coz I love their range. My bf has one of those and I'm always stealing his to take pictures instead of using my Pentax Optio. The only thing that I prefer is the swivel design of Optio which allows me to take silly portraits of myself. :)

Jon said...

I was at the local Jessops and found the Nikon 5200 smaller than I thought. Looks big from those promo shots (probably due to the curves and hand grip). The VGA 30fps movie is fantastic.