Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Election blog and Archos PMA400

There are loads of election blogs out there, here is a partial list:

Channel 4 is hosting a bunch of blogs by candidates
Brent East Campaigning
Blog by UK Polling Report
Here is one by Lib-Dem councillor Mary Reid
plus a blog watching Blair
Craig Murray, Independent for Blackburn
Battersea weblog
Rob's Election blog
The usual Alastair Campbell blog
perfect.co.uk has been blogging the politic scene for a pretty long time
As does bloggerheads
and Scary Duck too
Nick Barlow's General Election 2005 blog
Here is one for Lib-Dem leader Charles Kennedy Election Campaign
Michael Howard (parody)
Tory Scum
Labour Watch
Lib-Dem Watch
Guardian Election 2005 blog
Tory Trouble
Quality weblog by the BBC

Most of the MPs and Councillors (plus some former MPs) have blogs running, Manic keeps a list here.

Jesus, all these politics is giving me a fucking headache, I am going to try to sleep it off for the next few days. Jennifer is flying back today. If there is anyone who is more apathy about politics, it would be my girlfriend. I am sure a couple of days with her political know-how would refresh my energy. ;)

Btw, CNet has a review up on the Archos PMA430. As you all know, Archos is a French company that is always a step ahead of its competitors (tech wise, three steps ahead of Apple). The only problem is you have to pay through your nose for such cutting edge technology which is why they are not as successful as Apple.

I played around with the PMA400 in the local electronic store and am really impressed by it. The Linux OS coupled with the Qtopia GUI is really intuitive. Too bad I am broke (I am saving up for a new digital camera, I gave my three year old 2Mp Fuji to my dad). For those who doesn't know, the PMA400 series is both a PDA and portable video recorder/player. Forget about TiVo or Sky Plus, the PMA400 series is a glimpse of the future of harddrive based digital video recorders.

Source: Pocket PC Thoughts


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