Thursday, April 7, 2005

Prime Minister's Question reaction

Anybody who caught yesterday's Prime Minister's Question (I watched it on BBC's The Daily Politics) would know that politics is anything but dead. The last PMQ is just like previous ones, where Tony Blair never answered a single question, instead dodging the questions through spin, skirting through the issues laid down.

But whatever, it was a cracker! Yesterday's PMQ was one of the most entertaining of anything shown on TV. Reality TV at its best. Who needs Big Brother?

Name calling, cheap political shots and childish behavior by Michael Howard and Tony Blair were the highlights. Charles Kennedy on the other hand was the most civilised man in the commons and scored a genuine point against Blair on the issue of pensions. I thought Michael Howard asked some pretty good questions, but in the manner he asked, like in so many previous PMQs, how to you expect it to be answered by Tony Blair? The PM on the other hand kept banging on about the economy. It's the economy stupid. Remember Thatcher? We can fix the problem, but you have to vote Labour.

If only politics in Malaysia were this fun.


Kenny Sia said...

If Michael Howard lived in Malaysia, he'd be in jail already!. Ahhhhhh.... Stupid Malaysian politics. Too peaceful!

xar said...
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Jon said...

And that is the problem. The problem with party boundaries based on races and ethinicities. I know DAP and Keadilan are open to everyone, but their flirtation with PAS really worried me.

What we need are young people, many many young people joining the core BN parties and changing the parties from within like what happened in many communist Eastern Europe countries in the 1960s.

I think Malaysia is alot better than South Africa 1990, but I am worried by the government's attack on immigrants.

I need to catch up on Malaysia politics, xar, any non-biased links that covers both grounds?

xar said...
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Jon said...

Thanks for the post, as for what I am doing, it is a secret, for now. I won't blog about my work here, just won't interest anyone.

I am a Malaysian and am one of those immigrants that Michael Howard seems to be so hung up about. Luckily for me I do not steal from the benefits tin can (my Visa prohibits me).

Keadilan was a little bit stupid playing the Anwar card. A single issue party won't get you anywhere. Single issues only work for independents (from what I was told) in marginal seats.

As for PAS, good riddance to them...!

But I agree with Kenny actually that Malaysia politics is just too peaceful (or maybe I am ignorant to politics back home). When you have a government in power for 40+ years, there is a tendency to be complacent.