Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What about a guide to repel obviousness?

Every country has its own issues of paranoia and how they deal with them.

In Britain paranoia ranges from gypsies, asylum seekers, chinese cockler pickers, 45 minute WMDs and child molesters.

In the states, they fear most are Islamists/Arab terrorists, liberals, 15 year old girls who bakes cookies for neighbours and the escargots eating frogs.

And in Malaysia its snatch thieves.

This reminded me of the similar anti-terrorist brochure that came through the front door of my household a couple of months back.

However this is infinitely more laughable and fun to comment on due to the sheer ludicrousness of it.

The Star

I particularly enjoyed line 4 of Do's:
- If someone snatches your belongings, scream for help to attract attention

line 5 of Do's:
- Remember face, race and vehicle registration number of snatch thief

This is a classic, line 4 of Don'ts:
- Limit the amount of jewellery worn. The thicker the chain, the harder the fall, the worst the injury


chris said...

"An American woman of Vietnamese origin..."

who cares what her origin is?

Anonymous said...

What you expect from The Star?

Quality journalism? Piff...