Monday, March 28, 2005

Stand at ease...Doctor Who returns

I just finished downloading and watching Doctor Who (sorry BBC!). Not much I can do about it because I am on a short break and missed the first screening on Saturday. I reasoned that since I am a license what the heck... ;)

Billie Piper as Rose really surprised me. I was expecting her to act like one of those wonderful but wooden characters of Hollyoaks but she did wonders to impress me. I hope she will continue her career in acting.

The new Doctor is played brilliantly by Christopher Eccleston and I hope he stays as the Doctor for future series. This is British Sci-Fi at its best with trademark cheesy special effects and out of placed dance music tracks. The plot works great with the story.

I mentioned in one of my posts that I will probably skip Doctor Who but now I have to take that back. For the next few months at least I have something to watch that isn't Ant & Dec related.

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