Thursday, March 24, 2005

Malaysian blogging MPs update

Reading through Brand New Malaysian, I found a link to a website run by a Malaysian ADUN. While it isn't a blog, he does participate in forums. May I present you State Assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng. So bug him in the forum if you happen to be a constituent of Subang Jaya.

I am still waiting for the first true Malaysian MP blog to surface.


Halian said...

That is very brave of him to do so. That's what call transparency. I love IT-savvy MPs!

Chewxy said...

Our MPs have disgraced themselves (they still think they are damn high minded about things) thoroughly enough already.
If they have blogs... I can see more stupid disgraces they are gonna make :( :( :(

Jon said...

Which is the whole point of them setting up blogs. That way any stupidness can be highlighted and if needed confrontation.

MPs in Malaysia needs to learn that they are accountable to the people and can be deselected by the grass root members of the local party.