Monday, March 28, 2005

Post/Edit blogs on Blogger anywhere

If you like me, do not currently own a laptop but do own a Pocket PC, you can still use PocketBlogger to post new blogs onto your Blogger account. The only thing you need is access to the internet either via WiFi, Bluetooth over mobile or GSM/GPRS enabled Pocket PCs.

Its pretty easy. All you need to do is get the required files from
here and download Microsoft .Net Compact Framework for Pocket PC. Note that there are no setup files, just copy the folder to your device.

Since I currently only have access to a RM5 prepaid sim card I would not be able to demonstrate the features here (the reason why there are no original screenshots). My previous testing with it while in London shows that it works even on WAP CSD connection.

screenshots from

The program only works with Blogger using Atom API. It is in its early stages and the author plans to implement LiveJournal support as well.

You can try other blog-based programs for Pocket PCs such as
Pocket SharpMT and PocketBlog. These are more powerful but lacks the friendly GUI of PocketBlogger.

By the way you can always use blogger's e-mail service to post new blogs from any mobile devices although you would not be able to edit them.


Chewxy said...

I'm writing one to blog in Wordpress...

Let me tell you this : blogging via GPRS is no mean feat. Your phone credit easily dwindles to ZERO

Jon said...

Well I recently bumped up my GPRS bundle up from 512Kb to 5Mb. It still drains pretty quickly since I am connected to clubimate Microsoft Exchange server.

I still have to remind myself I have virtually unlimited WAP connection.

By the way I can't post any comment on your blog.

Kenny Sia said...

Its a novel idea, but one that doesn't seem too useful. Unless you're just typing a few sentences for an entry, in which case you might as well don't type. I don't know about you, but using a stylus to write an entry? Nahhhh... even a snap-on keyboard doesn't work as well as it should.

Still, props to the author for that innovative idea.

Jon said...

Its good for travelogs. If you are in a region with no computers this may come in handy.