Friday, March 25, 2005

China weapons, watching the news + freecycle

Timothy Garton Ash has written a piece arguing that the EU arms embargo on China should not be lifted due to human rights issue. I think the commentary completely misses the point.

Why? Because I do not once believe that the US pressure on EU is due to human rights concern. You only need to look at the dire situation Iraq and Guantanamo to understand that the US are one of the worst offenders in implementing human rights.

Read this too.

Last night I had my first chance to watch BBC World on Astro. A couple of annoying things. First, there were adverts! Okay I know Malaysia residents don't pay licensee fee to BBC but still - I am not used to watching a BBC channel with adverts especially one with American accented news readers.

Second, the theme song to BBC News is different. It is similar but with an annoying twist to it. Put me off. It made the whole production felt cheap even though the broadcast seems to be coming out from the same set in White City. Oh well what do I know...

Anyway because of the bloody track I switched to CNN for some 'unbiased' news. Bloody 'ell. They are still going on about the whole Terri Schiavo saga.

It was quite surprising when I found out that there are local freecycle groups in Malaysia more so because of the rising kiasu attitude among Malaysians.

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