Monday, March 28, 2005

Quake reaction highlight generation gap

Me: "Father, its your son here! Wake the fuck up!"


Me: "Earthquake in Sumatra...!"


Me: "Felt in Penang! Jeremy called just now. Its pretty bad!"

"What! What! When did this happened!??"

Me: "Half an hour ago...! Tried to wake you all up!"

"When did Jeremy called?"

Me: "Half an hour ago but I phoned him again. The tremors were so strong he was thrown off his bloody bed! And his apartment's bathroom collapsed!"

"Oh...! I will call tomorrow morni..."

Me: "Tsunami alert issued as well...Its on BBC World!"

"His apartment is not near the coast...don't worry...go back to sleep!"

Me: "...!"

Oblivious to the fact that the high rise apartment that my younger brother is staying could have suffered structural damage he and my mum went back to bed...sigh...


Jerry said...

hope everyone is safe...

Jon said...

Looks like we all overeacted last night. But better that than be sorry.

Anonymous said...

did jeremy actually get thrown from the bed?? -meixian-